When it comes to fabric and dress making, people are always confused as to which particular dress fabric they should pick because there seems to be an overwhelming amount of options and people do not have the slightest clue about what would work best for them. Chiffon is a type of material that is constructed from the mixture of a cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon and silk. It is a one-of-a-kind fabric because it offers superb and magical looks with minimal efforts. This is the primary reason as to which Chiffon is the favourite material of many designers. Apart from designers, even people love to wear outfits constructed from this material because it is very low maintenance and it remains wrinkle-free throughout the day. 

As a designer or an aspiring cloth designer looking forward to create an outstanding piece of outfit, it would be quite natural for you to be confused over which dress fabric you should pick. Well, if you are faced with this dilemma then you can always pick Chiffon for clothe making. You cannot go wrong with this sheer but elegant material whose texture resembles crepe. Of course the material silk gauze also offer the same appearance and texture, but it isn’t as strong as Chiffon, therefore people like to choose the latter amongst the two. I recently used this gingham instead of chiffon and regretted it.

There is nothing wrong with working with Chiffon if you are engaged in the task of dress making because this materialis perfect for dresses, particularly wedding gowns. Since the Chiffon material is quite sheer therefore it can be used creatively in case of layering. If you are working with Chiffon material then you should keep in mind that this kind of material is very difficult to sew. Therefore, always try to incorporate them into the outfits that you are creating for the purpose of shirring, gathering, tucking and draping. Just like the fabric below

Chiffon is considered to be a feminine fabric. It is not smooth to touch but it provides a very airy feel and appearance, thereby making it perfect for day-time outfits. You can also wear dresses constructed from Chiffon dress fabric to evening or night affairs. Chiffon can also be selected for the purpose of making ties or sashes on women’s blouses in order to give them that special touch! Apart from making clothe, the material Chiffon is also widely used for creating scarves. 

If you are making an evening dress or engaged in formal dress making then it would be advisable to keep the gown a bit floaty so that it appears more beautiful and dreamy. For this purpose, you can use Chiffon as an overlay over materials that are more opaque. Chiffon is a subtle way of adding depth to an outfit without going overboard.French seams should be incorporated along with the use of this dress fabric because it can fray very easily. If you are looking for a type of Chiffon which is extremely high quality then you should go for silk chiffon. As suggested by the name, the fabric has a silky texture and a rich shimmer to it. This chiffon is gorgeous and its what i intend on using next.



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